Please read the DMARC360 end user license agreement in its entirety. This document contains the legally binding terms and conditions with regard to your (client) use of DMARC360 online platform. You agree to be bound by these terms.

Governing Law

This agreement is governed in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain.


This agreement shall remain in effect until terminated by you or DMARC360. DMARC360 reserves the right to terminate your access to the DMARC360 web platform in the case of you breaching these terms.

Changes to This Agreement

DMARC360 reserves the right to change this end user license agreement at any time. We do this by prompting acceptance to the updated agreement. Your decision to continue using DMARC360 Portal constitutes your acceptance of the updated agreement.

Third-Party Data

DMARC360 web platform contains data from third party sources. You agree that DMARC360 is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, update and correlation of this data. The third-Party data and links are provided solely for your convenience. You agree to access and use them at your own risk in accordance with their terms and conditions.

Account Registration and Access

To register for DMARC360 web platform, you (including any personnel designated by you operating on your behalf) need to complete the application process. Access to DMARC360 web platform is passwordless. You will have to provide your email address along with a phone number to receive a one-time-passwords on to login. You are solely responsible for activities that occur under or through your account. You agree to notify DMARC360 of any breach of security related to your account. You agree that DMARC360 is authorized to access your account or information associated with your account in order to provide you support and assistance for any security or business related reasons.


Subscription Terms

DMARC360 has a range of subscription plans. You will choose the one best suited to your needs. You have the choice to be billed annually or on a monthly basis. You are responsible for subscription fees for each month which will be billed to the card used in subscription To view details of your subscription plan, sign in to your account and go to the account management console. Billing Policies, Refunds, Overages, and Upgrade and Downgrade Terms The fees of your subscription plan is billed in advance of each billing cycle. If you opt out or cancel your subscription to the DMARC360 online platform, no refunds or credits will be given for the remaining months left. If your data exceeds your subscription plan’s limit, there will be no extra charges. However, if the data exceeds for 2 consecutive months, your subscription plan will automatically be upgraded and a notification email will be sent to you for verification. If you wish to continue using the DMARC360 online platform, you will have to accept the terms sent in the email. You will be charged the increased amount prorated for the subscription period left. You will be at this upgraded plan for the remainder of your subscription.


Freemium subscription to DMARC360 web platform comes with limited features and access. At this period you may subscribe to any of our paid packages to unlock more features or continue using the freemium subscription. You may cancel your plan at any time during the freemium period free of cost. DMARC360 reserves the right to modify/terminate your account at any time during the freemium period.

Changes in Fees

DMARC360 reserves the right to change/modify the fee of the web platform. These changes in fees will only take place on the billing cycle 30 days after the announcement is sent to the client.

Payment of Fees

As an express condition of your use and access to the DMARC360 Portal. You agree to pay all fees applicable to your plan, any taxes that apply, and any other fees for additional services you may purchase. You acknowledge that the amount billed for each renewal period may vary due to promotional offers, changes in applicable taxes, and any other condition that may affect the fee. You agree and authorize DMARC360 to bill you the corresponding fees to the credit card details provided by you.

Credit Card Payments

All fees will be billed to your credit card. You authorize the card issuer to pay any amount described herein and associated with your plan. You authorize us and the payment gateway (which may change over time due to unforeseen reasons

Account Cancellation

You may cancel your plan by logging into your account and selecting the options required for canceling your subscription to the DMARC360 Portal. You agree that your access will be revoked from the DMARC360 Portal immediately. If you, or any other personnel from your organization, using the same domain name, would like to (re)subscribe to the DMARC360 Portal, they will not be eligible for the freemium subscription.

Your suggestions

You agree that any feedback, comments, ideas and suggestions you provide to DMARC360 shall remain the sole and exclusive property of DMARC360.


By agreeing to these terms, you shall not copy, share, lease, modify or create derivative works of DMARC360 web platform, or otherwise distribute or allow third-party access to any and all portions of DMARC360 web platform.

License to Client Data

You agree and warrant that you have all the required authorization/consent/licenses to license client data and further represent and warrant that these licenses do not infringe upon any third party or violate any applicable law or regulation