DMARC Policies

DMARC has 3 policies, None, Quarantine and Reject. The purpose of these is to ensure appropriate DMARC implementation with limited impact on your genuine emails.

None Policy

This stage is the monitoring mode where you enhance your SPF and DKIM records. This policy lets you monitor the results of your SPF and DKIM without any impact on your emails which allows you to identify and authorize your genuine email sending points.

When all legitimate sources are identified and authorized, you can move onto the quarantine policy.

Quarantine Policy

In this stage the receiver marks your emails as spam if they fail SPF AND DKIM authentication checks. This enables you to monitor the effect of DMARC on your outgoing emails and make sure your legitimate emails are not being marked as spam.

Reject Policy

Once it is verified that none of your genuine emails are being “quarantined”, can you move onto the Reject Policy. This tells the receiver that if SPF AND DKIM authentication fail, Do NOT accept the email at all.

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